“Thank you for being our home” by Simonas Jurkynas 8B

When I was little I always loved to explore nature: animals, birds, plants, weather… It was my passion. I still remember those days when I used to find different animals starting with moles and ending up with birds. I always loved to go out with my dad to plant trees. Once I found an injured woodpecker, it didn’t seem to be aggressive or frightened and it was at that moment when I discovered that nature was my calling. When I grew up I could already detect the consequences of our actions against the nature. For example the lake near my villa – it was starting to get dirty and messy. I couldn’t watch calmly at what people have done to our beautiful lake. I started to think what we could do to save our beautiful planet from incoming devastation. Till this day I still think that we could save thousands of trees, plants and animals just by understanding the nature. But our planet hasn’t lost its charm yet. So let’s act and help her.
It is in our hands to save our small planet.
So in general I would like to say “thank you” for being our home and I hope that people will do their best to save you.
A link to a beautiful song about the Earth (English subtitles included) 🙄