Ugnės recommendation: “Snow time”

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Snow time is a movie about some kids, one of them is an orphan. His daddy died in a war. Kids have a winter holiday, so they decide to play and have a real snow battle. They divide into 2 teams. First team’s leader is Luke, the orphan boy. Second team’s leader is Sophie, she and her younger sister are new in town. They moved from another city. Sophie’s team builds a big castle from snow, it’s amazing!!!!

Luke’s team is “living” in the storehouse. All teams prepare an arsenal of snowballs and shoot them at the enemies  😈 They have strict rules, for example – they fight only during the day. When the sun sets it’s truths.

Luke and Sophie don’t want to be angry with each other. They want to be friends. Together they go skiing, they like each other a lot 😳  One day Luke’s “army” makes some catapults and destroys part of the castle. As the castle goes down…the large peace of snow falls directly on the Pier’s dog Cleo. The fight is over… and Luke is very sad because he blames himself for the dog’s death 🙁 

So, Piers loses his dog. Luke comes to Cleo’s burial and plays a peace of music with his trumpet, the same music that was played at his father’s funeral. Piers says that Luke is not responsible for the death of Cleo. They remain friends and honor the lost dog.

After the burial the 2 teams unite and destroy what’s left of the snow castle together! Friendship wins:)

Some extracts from this movie you can see here:

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