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Why thermonuclear energy is important by Dominykas Dautoras 8A

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The global warming is a very important issue in our world. The temperature of the planet is increasing because if the greenhouse effect in our atmosphere. The atmosphere works like a greenhouse. Some of the gases there trap the heat from the sun, but don’t let it out. These gases are called greenhouse gases and the most common one is CO2. Carbon dioxide is made when carbon is being burnt. We burn a lot of carbon when we make energy. Most countries can change the way that they make energy by using alternative energy sources such as hydroelectricity, wind power or solar power. But some of them do not have enough sunlight, the wind might be weaker and there may not be any rivers nearby. It might seem like the only choice is burning fossil fuels. That is not true. Thermonuclear power is a way to make electricity by making a nuclear fusion in very high temperatures. Nuclear fusion is the same process that makes our sun and other stars “burn”. A lot of people are scared of using nuclear power, because they think that it is very unstable and is very dangerous to our environment. This isn’t true today, because scientists have made the nuclear plants less dangerous and more efficient. Another important thing is that the old nuclear plants rely on nuclear fission which uses heavy radioactive metals and produces a lot more nuclear waste than a thermonuclear reactor would. With a lot less waste produced, thermonuclear power would help us save the environment. The only real problem with thermonuclear power is that they have not been properly tested yet. Theoretically they should work perfectly, but only a handful have been built and none of them have produced any power yet. The first reactor should be properly working in 2020-2027. I believe that we should invest into thermonuclear energy, because it is the power of our future

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