“Don’t litter” by Ignas Venskus 7A

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I live in a beautiful country Lithuania. My country cares about recycling and saving our planet earth from dying because of our fault. We have a few problems about littering in Lithuania that I‘m going to talk about.

To start with, the unneeded plastic bag consumption. Some people here, take extra plastic bags. Just a few might use it for a good reason, others sometimes throw them away. Throwing them away makes our  environment look dirty, but most importantly ill. Why do I talk about this problem? Well, the statistic shows, that Lithuania is one of the top consuming country of plastic bags, in Europe. But it‘s not all about statistic, it‘s about our environment. Next on, is the overall littering in the streets. Massive amount of junk lying around of Lithuania’s streets, forests and even kids playgrounds. I think that’s a big problem, because when I was a very little, I used to play in all types of different playgrounds. Even now I still play in a playground near my house, with my friends. I see little kids play there every weekend and it’s good to know they won’t hurt themselves with smashed bottles, or strange metals lying around.

To solve these problems I’d recommend to limit the take for plastic bags, charge if the limit is exceeded. To stop the massive junk lying around, I’d put more rubbish bins on streets, playgrounds, and even on the paths of forests.

That does it for my part how I would change our planet, starting from little country like ours.

2 thoughts on ““Don’t litter” by Ignas Venskus 7A

  1. i think this post is very important for all people.
    really we use so many plastic bags.
    when I walk down the street I see a lot of plastic bags on the sidewalk. people throw it where they want. sometimes I want to say to the man who lost the garbage: lift it up and throw away into the Trash. people it does matter if you pollute the Earth.

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