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“Endangered species” by Rojus Paukštė 7A

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Our country, like all the others save animals and plants that are near the line of disappearing out of our planet. We use the, “Red Book” to save our environment. And we also recycle litter, waste. How? I’ll tell you…

In our, “Red Book” we write down the species who are disappearing at the moment. Biological species written down in the book, must not be killed, so they can repopulate. We also make national parks where they can live, without minding their head about the hunters. For plants we also use the, “Red Book” and national parks so they can grow in one safe peace.

One more thing to help us save our home nature is recycling. We have three different types of recycling bins. One for paper, another for plastic, and the last one for glass. It really helps to remake, reuse items we use in our daily routine. But there are a few problems about it too. Some people don’t recycle. They are too lazy to do it. Even if they do recycle, they might put junk in the wrong bin.

That is how at least how Lithuania saves our home nature. Think of the planet that it is right now. There is no backup if our homeland dies.



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  1. Jogailė Č. April 17, 2016

    Thanks for this motivating post!!!

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