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The Ridiculous 6 by Kristijonas S. 7c

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Why have I watched this?

Because I like western and comedy. This film was new and trailer looks good to me.

Directed by:  Frank Coraci (born February 3, 1966) is an American film director and screenwriter best known for his work with Adam Sandler.

• Written by: Tim Herlihy (born October 9, 1966) is an American screen actor, film producer, screenwriter, and Broadway show author.

• Adam Sandler (born September 9, 1966) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer, and musician.


 Tommy “White Knife” Stockburn (Sandler). He is due to marry a Native girl named Smoking Fox (Jones).A bank robber named Frank Stockburn (Nolte) is Tommy’s biological father. Frank is dying of consumption, but that he has amassed $50,000 and buried it in a meadow next to a pine tree. A group of bandits with connections to Frank come to the village, led by the Cicero (Trejo) who wants Frank to give them $50,000 he gained a while back. Frank has the bandits kidnap him so he can lead them to the $50,000 at the so called “Singing Windmill”.

 • Tommy decides that the best way to gain enough money is by stealing it. Tommy instead opts to steal from those who have no honor like corrupt politicians, racist bankers, and thugs alike. Tommy discovers that he has 5 half-brothers; Ramon (Schneider); Lil’ Pete (Lautner); Herm (Garcia); Danny (Wilson); Chico (Crews). Meanwhile, Clem (Native American-racist food proprietor) joins the eye patch gang after Clem removes his only functional eye before they kidnap Tommy’s fiance. Saloon owner Smiley Harris (Keitel), who was part of Frank’s gang. He owns a large golden nugget the brothers steal after Ramon accidentally decapitates Smiley with a shovel from behind, though Ramon was only trying to knock him out. • Herm tells them that a gambler named Ezekiel Grant (Lovitz) is hosting a game with Mark Twain (Ice) and General George Armstrong Custer (Spade) in Yuma. They successfully robbed the poker game. Tommy realizes that it was Cicero who murdered his mother. Tommy sets out alone in the cover of night to rescue his father and confront his mother’s killer. Having successfully killed Cicero, the half-brothers (who followed Tommy) have a reunion with their long lost father. Frank was in cahoots with Cicero for an easy $50,000. Frank runs off with Smoking Fox inside a mine. Tommy runs after. Also, in the process of the fighting, the Left-Eye Gang accidentally reveal that they lied about removing their right eyes.
• Back in the Native Village, Tommy weds Smoking Fox with his brothers in attendance. Native chief decides to adopt the half-brothers as he did with Tommy.

Mexican burro rider Ramon
• His mother is Mexican innkeeper. Ramon likes his strange donkey Burro. He found his brothers, now lives in Native village.

Lil’ Pete
• Mentally challenged yet, happy and lucky. He has a strong neck that makes him immune to hanging. He has 3 nipples. He found his brothers, now lives in Native village.

• Feral mimage16.jpegountain-man, who speaks incomprehensibly. Likes to make & drink moonshine. He looks like a spelean. He found his brothers, now lives in Native village.

• Guilt-ridden drunkard, who served as a bodyguard for Abraham Lincoln until accidentally leading John Wilkes Booth to murder him. He is normal. He found his brothers, now lives in Native village.
• African-Aimage18.jpegmerican saloon pianist, who confesses to be only 50 percent white. He found his brothers, now lives in Native village.

My opinion
• This film is the funniest one I have ever seen. If you like western comedies with dirty jokes I recommend it. You must see it. There are more.

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  1. TheKishius May 11, 2016


  2. TheKishius May 11, 2016

    Thanks 😀

  3. Veronika 5d May 3, 2016

    I saw that fim too. It is really fun and fun again. I like thoose actors. And if you didn’t see it, you must see that film… 🙂

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