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Dante’s Inferno synopsis by “Know more, live better”

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About 2 years ago, I started to think about religion and it’s truths. So I was very exited, when I bought this book. Until now I didn‘t know that faith is very important for our afterlife. I can‘t explain why, but the author of this masterpiece ( in my opinion ) wrote the best book from the middle ages.dante-1

Dante‘s Inferno was written by a poet Dante Alighieri,who was born in Florence. This is the most known Dante‘s6 epic poem. I‘m very surprised, how the author put so many literature genres together. It‘s not only written about adventure on the nine circles of hell, it‘s also a love story, with some tragic elements.

Protagonist of this poem is Dante ( the writer itself!!!),who return from the war of the Cross, to meet his love, Beatrice. Later, he learns, that the Beatrice is dead Dantes_Inferno__06an is taken to hell.

He finds himself in a dark forest, where he is attacked by greed, pride and lust, but is saved by a poet Virgil. The 2 of them pass the nine circles of hell, and meet the Lucifer ( three-headed monster, shattering Judas, Brutus and Casius.)

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It must be recalled, that there were a lot of conflicts inside Dante, where he was “suffering” because of his sins.

At the end, Dante ascends to heaven.

I like, that the Dante Alighieri remind the real humans, who actually existed, e.g. Virgil, Pontius Pilate, Julius Caesar and even Beatrice.

This feature makes this book look more alive.

In my opinion, this book is pretty cool, I see that Dante‘s love to Beatrice is overpowering. I would never think, that the average person has a very strong belief in God.

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