Great weekend in Palanga by Girius

My spring holiday @ Palanga

At spring holidays, more specifically at Easter I was in Palanga. There is big eggs exhibition in Jonas Basanavičius street during the Easter period each year. There are about 10 eggs standing in the avenue and each of them is painted differently. Of course you can’t break them! Or can you?

When I’m in Palanga I love one café called “Café Banduke”. I go there every day. So I didn’t miss the chance this time. “Café Banduke” sells espresso, black coffee, latte, milk, hot milk and different cakes. Only some time ago they started to bake pizzas, but you can buy pizzas only on weekends.

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“Café Banduke” is a special café, because they change their latte and milkshake every week.

This latte is called “Week’s coffee”.

“Café Banduke” isn’t only at. Basanavičiaus str. I wish you to meet @ one of “Café Banduke” and see next year’s eggs exhibition!