Greek Mythology: Gods “Hades and Persephone”

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This is a story about how Hades, the God of Underworld fell in love and abducted Persephone, the Goddess of Vegetation. The daughter of Zeus and Demetra was promised by her father himself to be Hades bride, but he warned Hades that Demetra won’t approve of it. The God of Underworld didn’t wait any longer. One sunny day when Persephone was gathering flowers in Nile field she saw the most beautiful flower in the World and leaned to pick it up, but what she didn’t know was that this flower was grown by Hades request. Goddess Gaia helped Hades and grew the flower who attracted Demetra’s daughter and when she leaned in Hades split the ground and with his carriage kidnapped his bride. Persephone only let out one scream. Demetra who was near by didn’t see anything, but heard the scream of her only daughter. She ran to the field but only saw nothing. Demetra became really sad and put on black robes, crying and asking all Gods and Goddesses if they saw her beloved daughter. Only God Helios saw Persephone abduction and told everything to Demetra, the she ran to Olympus, begging Zeus to give her back,but he didn’t agree. Demetra got really mad and refused to grow anything. Days went by and all nature was dying of Demetras rage and sadness. Seeing this Zeus sent his messenger Hermes to Underground to bring back the young Goddess from Hades. Hades agreed, but before she left he gave her six seeds of pomegranate as the symbol of marriage. When they all met in high Olympus Demetra got so happy seeing her daughter again. Zeus made a deal with Demetra and Hades. Persephone will stay with her mother for nine moths and with her husband three other months. They all agreed.So when she’s gone Demetra is sad and all the plants and flowers stop growing and when she’s back the nature becomes alive once more. And that’s how Persephone became The Queen of Underworld along with her husband Hades, the King of Underworld by her side.  

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  1. This presentation was very good. The story is told so everyone could understand it. Not too many details, not too much of the text. Perfect????

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