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Interview with our school library director Irena Karpaviciene

  1. Why did you choose this profession?

I started reading in a library when I was 7 years old. At that time the children’s library was in Vilkaviškis city centre culture house. There were some clubs in that culture house too. I was a very curious girl and attended art and Esperanto language clubs. In the children library I spent long hours… There were awesome librarians working then in the library. The library itself was very cozy and quiet and there were a lot of books.

When I chose profession I felt that I wanted “some” interesting job. When you work in the library each day you can learn something new and meet new people. The librarian job can help you to find out what creative you are. The librarian job changed in the last ten years. You need to have new knowledge and skills and, of course, it is impossible without and internet now. If you want to know how libraries worked earlier, ask your grandparents!

A lot of people think that librarians’ job is only to read books. It’s a myth! We are working with books and read like everybody else – only at our leisure.

  1. What famous person inspired you?

I am inspired by Seneca’s wisdom, St Augustine contemplations and all people who are brave and wise. I want to be like them.

  1. What do you usually do at your leisure?

Usually I am reading. For sure, I watch films, visit other cultural events, communicate with family and friends.

  1. Who did you think to be in childhood?

When I was six years old, I was interested in circus. I had a flexible body wanted to become a circus artist… But it didn’t last long.

  1. Do you listen to the music?

Yes. Music helps me to concentrate, relax and I feel happier then. Also it gives me new energy.

  1. What music do you like?

Different. From classic to pop: from V.A. Mozart to Jazzu.

 I don’t listen to hard metal music.

  1. What is your favorite movie?

I can mention a lot of movies I like, but I think that 2010 year movie “My name is Kan” (Editor. Karan Johar) is the best.

  1. What is your favorite writer?

        There are a lot of great writers, that’s why it is hard to choose one.  Perhaps today it would be easier to say what books I would not read. My answer, however, could affect other readers; therefore, I will not mention authors of those books. I always liked those writers that wrote for children and youth: H. K. Andersen, Hoffman, Brothers Grimm, A. Lindgren, T. Janson, A. de Sent Exuperi, J. Marcinkevicius, V. Zilinskaite, Vile Vel, K. Gudonyte, G. Morkunas and many others. I had great pleasure reading J. Gaarder, W. Shakespeare, E. M. Remark, A. Miunte and others. Each writer is unique in his or her own way. Right now on my desk there are books related to my work but when I have a free minute, I like reading detective stories or fiction. More and more often I start reading electronic books.

Urte Kundrotaite and Migle Kundrotaite, 5c

Interview with our physics teacher Adomas Eikevičius.

  • Let‘s start, for the beginning, with a banal question: Why did you choose this profession?
  • Well, I have been thinking of being a teacher for a long time now. I chose and went to a physics faculty there came more and more opportunities for me to do things with students.
  • I joined my friends and started a summer camp called „Link-iniciatyva“, which takes place in the middle of the woods, in the countryside, where we do all sorts of crafts and constructions that usually involve hammering, drilling or chainsawing. We build tree houses, springboards for diving and sometimes somewhat artsy. I took part in „The young researcher“ which got me into visiting schools and doing educating, slow-motion videos.
  • Now, what is your favorite music?
  • Oh, it‘s definitely blues and reggae. I like Lithuanian groups like the „Ministry of Echology“, „Garbanotas Bosistas“, then of course the classic blues players.
  • You said you were thinking of being a teacher in school, so what teacher made the biggest impact on you?
  • Probably my mathematics teacher, I used to go there and solve math problems voluntary. However, my parents are teachers, but they don‘t think my choice of  being a physics teacher is a good decision, but I like it and I‘m proud.
  • And what are you most afraid of?
  • Frozen lake’s ice. There was this incident which could have gotten into a disaster and the moment of seeing a cracking ice and the streaming water gave me goose bumps… But it would be nice to overcome my fear and cross the frozen curonian lagoon. It wouldn‘t be dangerous, if it froze with thick ice.
  • Do you know who might inspire you?
  • It‘s Walter Lewin, a cool dutch physic at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and someday when I‘m older, I would like to be just like him.
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Well, I really like being in the nature. I try to spend my time there as much as I can. I go hiking with my friends, play basketball at least once a week, and when it‘s warm I go for a run!
  • Could you tell us about your plans for the future? Any goals?
  • Learn how to do a salto 😀 I would suggest everybody to do a salto if they want a good mark 😀 But really I want to continue to work as a teacher, join different education projects that will give me more knowledge since I haven’t finished pedagogical studies. And it would be awesome to get a doctors degree!
  • Reporter: Jogailė Čojūtė 8a

The interview with History teacher Simona Stankutė

 Q: Why did you choose to be a history teacher?

  • A: I always wanted to be a historian. History was a very interesting subject for me. I decided to study history at a university, because it seemed like it was a very interesting and very useful for everything. I never wanted to be a teacher, but in the 4th year of my studies, when I was doing my practice, I tried the profession of a teacher and I am a teacher to this day because it is interesting and it isn’t boring.Q: What other subject would you like to teach?A: When I was choosing my profession, I had to make a choice between history, history of art and geography.Q: Who would you be, if you weren’t a history teacher?A: If I wasn’t a history teacher, I would have a degree in diplomacy and I would be a politician. I probably wouldn’t live in Lithuania. I would be an assistant or a representative of another diplomat.Q: What advice would you give to young people who would like to be historians?A: First of all, you have to read a lot and you have to decide if the information you are reading is correct or not. I think that one of the most important things that a historian must have is a critical and objective view of the information that you are given. Historians always check their information in at least 3 different sources.Q: What behavior of your students do you dislike the most?A: Probably squeaking.Q: Who is the most fascinating person in history?A: I am impressed by Napoleon. He was interested in history, he was a smart and an ambitious man and he wasn’t stupid. I also like the ancient Greek philosophers and Martin Luther (not to be confused with Martin Luther King). I am fascinated by Hitler’s oratory skills, but I despise pretty much everything else about him. If we look at Lithuanians Jonas Basanavičius and Vytatutas the Great are interesting.
  • Reporter Dominykas Dautoras 8A

An interview with our school’s headmaster Gražina Šoblickienė

  • Let me ask you, how did you get into the position that you are in right now, our school headmaster?
  • Well, I always wanted to be a part of some sort of school, an organization for education. Always, even though I didn’t choose pedagogical studies at university, I was specializing in VU economical cybernetics. My both parents were teachers so that thing kind of convinced me to choose this “profession”. In the beginning I was a kindergarten teacher, then an elementary school teacher, then middle school, then high school so these things grew and grew until I won a competition and became our school’s headmaster!
  • Wow! Now, do you listen to music? What’s your taste in it?
  • Oh yes, I do listen to music. This is the main factor that helps me relax and release my mind. But I listen all kinds of music: a splash of American groups, sometimes even old fashioned music like Abba, Joe Dassin, then there’s Adele or Shakira. Nevertheless, I do like classical music and I enjoy going to classical music concerts. Even M.K. Čiurlionis “In a Forest” or “The sea” is very admirable for me.
  • What or who inspires you?
  • Oh there’s this person – John Hattie. He is an education researcher in Melbourne and wrote some genius books about how to work in a school and the ideas he gives really motivates me. If his ideas came true, school would be an ideal place.
  • Oh really? Well then, how do you spend your free time? Any hobbies?
  • I take care of my cute plants, I like looking at how they grow in time. I spend my free time reading books, and listening to music we already talked about. These things help me loosen up and enjoy the present… But don’t get me wrong, I like working. Opportunities and projects you can build at work are a fun part of life! Oh, and I enjoy going to the cinema to watch interesting movies! I just love the smell of popcorn..!
  • 11Then do you have a favorite film?
  • Yes, the film directed by Quentin Tarantino, “KILL BILL”. Those two hours of my life were amazing. I also love Pedro Almodovar’s movies, he’s a great artist.
  • Oh yeah. But can you tell me, what are the plans for our school’s future?
  • According to John Hattie, the teachers, not just students create the perfect school. I just hope we all learn on how to educate kids the right and appropriate way for them to experience life. We must teach them things they need to know. They are all very creative, and that requires a guide to showing them the right path. Those guides are the teachers. It is my goal to fulfill this idea.

Reporter: Jogailė Čojūtė 8a, 2016/04/05.

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