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Chance for Life by Edita

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I’m going to tell you the story of my life. I‘m very young yet so it fits into one page. I do not remember my birthday, my home and my family. My life started a little bit later than I was born…

Some words about me: lovely, sweet, cute and … miaow! My name is Ugnius. Yeah, I know this is an unusual name for cat, but my owner says he gave it to me because of the color of my fur (why not “carrot” or “orange” then..?) Of course I can’t forgive him for this bad decision, but I hope I will someday.

He found me in early cold summer morning. I can’t remember how I got in his yard. Maybe I had come there by myself or maybe someone had brought me there.

There was a big dog in the yard. When I saw him, I thought he’s going to eat me, but I found him playful. He approached me and started to lick my fur. I knew I was unclean, but I got frozen after that so I started to cry pitifully.

Suddenly I heard a noise of door opening. I could hardly see what it was. I got scared because I thought this will be one more dog… but this was somebody else. A human. I don‘t remember if I had met a human until then.He was with big legs and big arms. Suddenly he took me into his warm arms and I found it much more pleasant than the dog‘s wet tongue. I stopped crying.

The human brought me to his large house. He poured me a small plate of milk. I hadn‘t eaten for a long time. I was hungry. When I started to eat I felt pain in my mouth. I started to cry again. The human approached me and beganto look around in my mouth. After that he went out

somewhere for a while and came back with the thing he called „pipet“. I had never seen this thing before and couldn‘t imagine what it was. The human started to drop the milk in my mouth. This way I was fed. He took great care of me, I will never forget it. After that I slept in a warm bed.

Next day the human took me to the doctor which was called veterinarian. I didn‘t like him at all. He dropped something in my eyes. He called it medicine drops that had to treat me for an eye inflammation. Also he said that I had ulcers in my mouth. This was the reason of my pain. According to the vet I had to be fed by pipet. Also he prescribed me antibiotics and medicine eye drops for my damaged eyes. After the vet‘s examination we got back home.

I couldn‘t eat by myself. Only with the help of others. I felt sick and weak. The human had to feed me by pipet for a long time. I had to take those disgusting pills (antibiotics). After several days I started to feel better and stronger. I found my nails so sharp and my legs so fast. Finally I started to use them in my games. On the fifth visit to the veterinarian I was proud of myself. I put on weight 0,2 kilos. This was a sign of my excellent recovery.

Day after day I felt stronger and better. I could eat without pain, clearly see everything around and play actively. I didn’t feel sick anymore. I became the member of the family I have never had. My human says that every creature has to have a chance to live. I got the chance. Miaow!




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