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How is Life in Elektrėnai??? by Evita

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Elektrenai is one of the newest towns of Lithuania. Having been established during the Soviet times as the living space for workers of the nearby power plant. Many years ago the territory was covered by remote lakes and fields. But today we have a huge water gathering lagoon, which was created in order to cool down the Elektrenai Power Plant. The city is located between two largest cities – Vilnius and Kaunas, so can be a nice vacation place or even living place. A great thing is that water is several degrees warmer, so you can discover water activities down there (ignoring the fact that this heating damages whole ecosystem). The public beach by lagoon is quite spacious and great for camping, “grilling”, sunbathing. People coming here tend to be educated, that is why the beach is very neat (no water rats or sunflower eaters as can be met by the famous lake of ŠILAS). Clean beach of Lagoon

Nature protection workers do not prohibit to drive water motorcycles, yachts or speed boats. From an early spring you can meet hundreds of kite boarders and kite surfers. The lagoon can be used for water activities such as wakeboarding .Not that much extreme is riding of sup board. Alike traditional surfing where the rider is sitting until the wave comes; stand up boarders maintain an upright stance on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. It is not costly and especially great for girls as it helps to keep your body in tip top shape and clear your mind.

Wake-boarding in the evening time. During the winter months, when the lagoon is covered by ice, you can skate, play ice-hockey or ice fish there.

8Yrs old boy Jokubas wakeboarding

As I have mentioned before the city is quite “young”, not many cultural monuments can be visited here. One of them is a great modern architecture church. It has an interesting rectangular arch with 7 crosses, symbolizing 7th century of Christianity in Lt.

The rally competition series “Baltic Rally Trophy” is going to start this year. It will determine the fastest rally drivers of the Baltic States and Finland. Last year it was possible to park your car or quadrocycle nearby the track so the view was distinct and dynamic, the speed could be “felt” easily. A very attractive place is Elektrenai Ice Palace arena, which welcomes everyone all year round. Although it is a bit too cold inside, if you compare it with Vilnius Akropolis skate rink. We even had an ice- hockey championship of youth held here this year. Unfortunately, the ice is being melt during summer time until August. Then the rink is used for various activities (for instance dart competitions). Elektrenai town itself is very clean, grass is being cut constantly. There are many paths for bicycles and skates, ramps for skaters are quite modern there. There is a nice avenue that you can come around slowly and admire the scenery of almost boundless lagoon and reservation. While walking you can visit a small bakery nearby that makes delicious and fresh pastries. My favourite one is English ring – shaped roll or hot small kibins.

Extra ordinary thing is Capitals Golf Club. The court is in a very good condition and very playable. No need to wait on court. Great service and hospitality. Children can be left here for summer camps and learn to play golf. It is costly, however. A friend of mine even took place at the competition of golf starters. An American magazine rounded the club as the best new international project of 2008 in the whole world!!! (Except the USA)

The city has an enormous theme park – a soviet heritage. It was supposed to be a grand theme park activity center with various carousels and even Americanroller-coaster!!! But today we have a very sad view – abandoned and rusted place, showing the face of Soviet Union. From the feminine side, I would like to point out that there are a few nice beauty salons. One is on the first floor of the modern 12th floor building. You can have manicure or haircut done for you, yet the queues are enormous, so the service is not that advantageous.

Strange thing is that you cannot find a place, where somebody can wash your car (I wonder how people do that? maybe they wash their cars in the lagoon? :)) There are also nice markets where you can buy fresh vegetables, meat etc.

To summarize, Elektrenai is a nice, clean and quite place. If you feel you have had enough of that calmness you can come back to Vilnius or Kaunas as it is aprox. 50 km from these cities.



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  1. Matas July 26, 2016

    A great article????very informative and useful. I haven’t been to Elektrenai for ages and I think it’s time to visit it during the summer holiday…????


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