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Summer’s moment @ Palanga by ME.

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Every year less and less people can afford Palanga 🙂 It is easier and of course cheaper to visit Turkey, Greece or other countries. But if you are patriot and love Lithuanian seaside you must challenge yourself and survive several days in Palanga including famous Basanavičius street, crowded beaches, expensive food and excellent music shows satisfying every taste 🙂

And if you are determined enough you will definitely be awarded for your effort. So some advice for those who haven’t given up yet and still love Palanga.

  1. Visit Palanga in the beginning of June -the nature is awakening this time of year and the streets are not so crowded
  2. Cycle along Basanavicius street instead of walking 🙂 You’ll feel safer and it’s easier to escape in case everything you see around is too much for you :))
  3. Have your ipod on the Beach if you don’t like loud announcements on the radio about the safety rules in the sea which are repeated every five minutes in 3 different languages 🙂
  4. Try not to eat in the local restaurants unless you are an extremely tolerant person
  5. Find your daily routine , that makes your day happier for e.g. a cup of coffee in the morning, jogging in the park, feeding wild ducks in the river, walking or cycling along the seaside in the evenings etc.

Summarizing, you can enjoy Palanga and find something nice. These are some photos that show “Life is beautiful in summer “

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  1. Julija July 26, 2016

    I ‘ve already missed Palanga????…I’ve missed its beautiful and warm evenings by the sea and especially the feeling of lying on the hot sand looking at the sun rays playing in the waves????

  2. Girius July 23, 2016

    Palanga the best

  3. Skirmante June 14, 2016

    The article reflects the reality of our city near the sea, you forgot to mention the salespeople on the beach! Vilnius has kebabs, Palanga is famous for Ceburekai on the beach:D all in all, there are many things that are unatractive about Palanga , BUT as you pointed out correctly, there are great places and many cool things to do while you’re there:) OMG! The the Basanavicius street is worth telling stories about:D thanks for the photos – they are beautiful (imaho)


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