Urte’s trip to Morocco 8-)

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Morocco is a country in Africa. There are about 32 878400 people in Morocco. They speak Arabic and Berber. Rabat is the capital of Morocco, but my trip was to the Agadir. It’s a beautiful town.


In this picture we can see a hill and a note on it with 3 most important words for Agadir‘s people: Allah, homeland and the king. At night the words begin to glow. There is a castle on that hill. There were a lot of camels and goats in Agadir. There were goats which climbed on the trees !!! When weimage2.jpeg arrived to Morocco, we went to our hotel „Omega“. There is a big pool and a big hall there. The Atlimage4.jpegantic ocean left the biggest impression for me. Next day we bought a lot of fruits (strawberries, oranges, mangoes, figs and bananas). Fruits were very delicious !!! One day we went to excursion to Marrakesh. Marrakesh is a big city. We went to the market in Marrakesh. There we saw a lot of cobras!!! It was very scary!!!

Marrakesh market. There are a lot of small streets in Marrakesh and a lot of motorcycles, bicycles, donkeys and people there.

Next day we went to the Sahara desert through big, big mountains. We saw shabby villages and Bedouins there. There are a lot of police in the streets. Our guide said that some of the policemen walk in the streets dressed in simple clothes, and they can look as anyone, even the hotel waiter or something else !!! Morocco have a lot of beautiful places (I’ve been in all those places):

I was very sad, that it was necessary to leave Morocco, because I liked warm climate, ocean and desert…I hope, that some day I will return there 🙂

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