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People with disabilities by the Baltic Sea. By Girius Uscila

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There are lots of places that aren‘t accessible to people with disabilities. But I want to tell You about places that are accessible and comfortable to people that are using wheelchairs. One such place is Monciškės.

Monciškės is a settlement located between Palanga and Šventoji. In Monciškės people with disability can enjoy their holiday when they are near Baltic Sea.

What is so special about Monciškės? All houses, cafes, facilities and beach are accessible and adapted to the needs of wheelchair users.

Monciškės beach is always full and this is not surprising because this beach is comfortable to everyone including people with bikes, families with small children and elderly people.

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  1. Lukas May 27, 2017

    Thank you for sharing the information in your article, it has been really useful to me. Sadly but there aren’t so many places in our county where people with disabilities can feel freedom of movement, as the infrastructure is quite poorly developed 🙁 well, the hope for the better is present, so hopefully the conditions are going to improve faster. My cousin was in a car accident and now he is in a wheelchair, he loves the sea and the beach, so after reading your article we are planning to visit Monciškes.
    PS The article is well written and the photographs are beautiful, Thx again! 🙂

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