About China and India. By Augustė Stravinskaitė 8C

This Chinese character “Fu” means Blessing Good Fortune Good Luck. Fu is one of the most popular Chinese characters used in Chinese New Year.

Countries differ  from each other  in many aspects, however, they  all  have some similarities that can be compared. Every country in the world has own festivals that are celebrated in different ways and at different times. China and India also have festivals that differ greatly.

China and India being culturally diverse societies celebrate  festivals in their own peculiar ways. Although most Indians festivals cost very little because people are quite poor. they are extremely colorful  and joyful. People love Holy festival of colour during which they cover each other with paint and enjoy this very much. Chinese on the other hand, have expensive and luxurious festivals with do not bring much joy because they are less colorful and more serious. However a lot of Chinese do not even understand the importance and value of festivals.

To sum up it does not matter what festivals people celebrate they are all different, but at the same time important roles in various cultures.

Comprehension Check:

1.Why does India have so many festivals which cost very little?

2.How do locals celebrate The Holy festival ?

3.Why are Chinese festivals so serious?

4.What is the importance of Indian festivals?

5.What is the importance of Chinese festivals?

6. How do people celebrate The Holy festival?

7. Why are festivals in India better than the ones in  China?

8. How do people in different countries celebrate festivals?

9. Does every country in the world have it’s own festivals?

10. How are the 2 festivals different?