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About Spain. From Mikalojus Plikusas and Gustas Tolvaišas 6C

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Madrid gets its name from the Arabic “magerit” which means ‘place of many streams. ’Spain’s favorite sport is football. They have one of the best football clubs in the world FC Barcelona and FC Real Madrid. In Spain food is very delicious.

Spanish traditional dishes

1. Paella

2. Tortilla Española

3. Queso Manchego

4. Jamon Serrano/Iberico

The weather in Spain is very hot there is absolutely no snow in winter, but in the mountains it’s pretty cold.

Spanish words

Hello-hola, thanks-gracias, Spain-ESPAÑA, bye-adios, friend-amigo.

 😳 Mikalojus Plikusas

“Spain, a country in Europe, it’s the Fourth most visited country in the world! It has over 400 million native speakers. Spanish is the second most popular language in the world! Me and my parents stayed at a hotel near the sea. After1 a few days, I visited a city in Spain called “Montserrat”-  it’s a city on a huge mountain. To get to it you can either climb [which takes forever] or you can go by train. In the city there’s a museum, a big church and a school of art. You can also walk around the huge mountains to get an even better view of the forests below. After we visited Montserrat, me and my parents went to a winery called “Torres “. I got to see how wine was made and I got a taste of some amazing1 grape juice. This was just one of many tourist attractions that we saw. I think that Spain is a beautiful country that almost everyone would enjoy!”

 🙄 Gustas Tolvaišas

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