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Great Britain vs Lithuania. By Vakarė Kuklytė 8C

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Great Britain vs Lithuania  😯 

After growing up, quite a lot of people in Lithuania go to an another country to find a better place. One of the most popular countries is England. But what’s so different about Britain, what makes a lot of people leave our country every year?

 To be honest, these countries aren’t all that different, but on the contrary there are some things that may be appealing for some people. The weather in Lithuania is mostly balanced, but still leaning more towards the colder temperature. It’s cold when it’s winter, it’s warm when there’s summer. In UK, it rains. A lot. And the weather isn’t that warm, really. Probably the biggest difference these two countries have is their level in the educational system. Britain is known for it’s great universities and schools, conversely, Lithuania is not famous for being a home for many, many smart people, because we’re not that good to be honest, really. While it may be surprising, Lithuania and England share more similar things that different. The food we eat is meat, fish, and other stuff. While it is not totally the same, but it’s not like they’re eatinglithuania-vilnius worms and we eat plastic. Correspondingly, our architecture is just as old as theirs, they have quite a lot of beautiful, senior buildings, like we do! The nowadays music that these countries listen to is pretty much the same – pop! But, if we would have to talk about traditional music, then ours would be much, much more “traditional” and old.

So, which country would you chose to live in? The tea sipping monarchy kingdom, or a small country which isn’t half bad either?

Comprehension Check:

1. Are these two countries really that different from each other? Explain your answer.
2. Does it rain a lot in the UK? What are the reasons?
3. Can You describe the weather in Lithuania?
4. Which country is higher when it comes to educational level? Examples?
5. Do we share more different, or similar things? What kind?
6. Do you know which drink in really popular in Great Britain?
7. Do the two countries have some similar old buildings? Name some.
8. What is the main music genre that we and UK listen to?
9. The form of government that England possesses?
10. Which of the two countries do you like more? Why? Stat your reasons 😎

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