Lithuania & Italy: Similarities & differences. By Kristijonas Slavinskas 8C

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Have you even thought about similarities and differences between these two countries? Yes they are really far from each other, but they have some things that make them similar to each other and some that differentiate them.

Both countries are beautiful and exclusive. They have their old traditions, food, music, songs and etc. (they have, but not the same). Religion in Italy is just same as in Lithuania – Catholicism. Both languages came from Indo-European. Continent, where the countries are is Europe and they are in The European Union.

There are much more differences between them. They have traditions, food, music, songs and etc. However there are “BIG” differences between these countries. Weather in Lithuania isn’t the same as in Italy. Lithuanian weather is colder and wetter while Italian is hotter, sunnier and drier. Italy is 4 times bigger that Lithuania. People aren’t same. Almost everything in Lithuania is cheaper than in Italy. In Italy are more places to see. Lithuania is greener country.Here you can see more forests, fields and cultivated fields. Population in Lithuania is 20 times smaller.

Similarities don’t make countries the same and differences make countries exclusive. And to live in one is as awesome and beautiful as in the other.

Comprehension Check:

1. Both languages originate from…?

2. Religions of the 2 countries?
3. What’s the weather like in theses countries? Describe.
4. Which country is bigger?
5. Which country is greener and have more fields?
6. Population of Lithuania?
7. Name the continent, which the countries are in?
8. There are more similarities or differences? What are they?
9. Where is it  cheaper to live? How do you think why?
10. Which country do you like more? Explain, give at least 5 reasons.

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