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Lithuania&Italy. By Povilas Jasvilis 8C

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 Today in comparison of these two countries I’m going to compare: terrain, weather, sports, food, islands, volcanoes, capitals, faith, traditions, seas and of course – people.

Lets start of with the terrain. Lithuania: The terrain is marked by many small lakes and swamps, and a mixed forest zone covers over 33% of italian-mauntainsthe country. Lithuania is pretty flat ,it doesn’t have a lot of mountains. On the other hand Italy is full of mountains, almost 40% of the Italian territory is mountainous. A little about the weather :In Lithuania It’s mostly very cold, barely warm. And it’s very rainy. Italy: Very hot, sunny rarely any storms or rain. Sports In these two countries are very different . In Lithuania they play basketball. Mainly because Lithuanians are very tall. On the other hand, in Italy they are short and they play soccer.

About food: In Lithuania people eat italian-cuisine“heavier” food for example meat. In Italy they like to eat something more light like pasta or pizza.

Italy gets washed by these Seas: the Adriatic sea , Ionian sea and Tyrrhenian sea. Lithuania gets washed only by the Baltic sea.

A little about Islands: Italy has 3 islands they are: Corsica, Sardinia and of course Sicily. Lithuania obviously doesn’t have any islands. Now about Volcanoes: Italy is a volcanically active country, containing the only active volcanoes in mainland EuropeActive and non active volcanoes: Ischia , Larderello , Linosa , Lipari , Panarea , Pantelleria , Roccamonfina , Sabatini complex , Salina  , Montecristo , Mount Vesuviusmount-etna-eruption, Vulsini , Monte Vulture etc. Lithuania has 0 volcanoes and that’s because were not in the seismic zone.

Capitals: Lithuania’s capital is Vilnius, containing 500k people . Italy’s capital is Rome , containing 2.6 mil. People. There is about as much people in Rome as in Lithuania.

Faith is the biggest thing that these countries have in common. They are both Catholic.

Traditions: Lithuania and Italy share mostly the same Traditional festivals because they are both Catholic.

As I already mentioned People in Italy are a lot shorter than people in Lithuania . Most Italians have dark brown or just brown hair. In Italy you will rarely see any blonde – haired people.

Comprehension Check:

  1. Which of the two countries is more mountainous? Lithuania or Italy?
  2. What’s the weather in Italy? How often does it storm in Italy?
  3. Why don’t Italians play basketball?
  4. By how many seas does Italy get washed? What are the names of those seas?
  5. How many Islands does Italy have? What are the names of those Islands?
  6. Is Lithuania a volcanically active country? Why?
  7. How many people does Lithuania’s capital have? Does Italy’s capital have less people or more?
  8. Are the traditions of Lithuania and Italy similar? Why?
  9. What county has the only active volcanoes in mainland Europe? Name several.
  10. Can an earthquake hit Lithuania? Why?



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  1. Daiva 6d September 29, 2016

    I really liked this text about Lithuania and Italy. very nice work. we’ve done the job well. I think the next generation will do better. but its good to keep in mind that we are Lithuanians,so I love my country best of all:)

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