South Korea v.s Lithuania. Are we really so different? By Gintarė Butkytė 8C

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Everyone knows that Europe and Asia are very different. But they are actually alike, since Asia is slowly taking over Europe. 😉

People in Korea and Lithuania have a similar music taste. Europeans mostly listen to Pop music. That’s almost the same in Korea, only it’s called K-pop. Although, in Korea, boy and girl bands are more popular than solo artists, since Koreans love the dances they do while singing and music videos they’re shooting.

Also, Asian food is getting popular in Lithuania really fast. There’s loads of Sushi stops, Chinese restaurants. The only Korean restaurant in Lithuania opened two months ago in Vokiečių street, Vilnius. Similarly, in Korea there are lots of shops where you can buy traditional European food. and drinks. Both countries like spreading their cultures.

Koreans like Lithuania so much, since it’s a pretty calm country at the moment. There are lots of Korean immigrants. Likewise, lately people from Lithuania often choose to visit East countries.

However, both countries are very different at the same time. Main difference between Lithuania and South Korea is that people look completely different. Asians have a very limited hair and eye color variety.  All of them are naturally born with black or brown hair. Same with the eyes. So it is really unlikely for Asian to be blonde or have blue eyes. On the other hand, Lithuanians are more mixed with other countries so they have more eye colors “to choose from” like blue, green, grey etc. and they have bigger eyes with double eyelids.

Greetings in Lithuania are often just a handshake or a hug. In Korea, they don’t do such things. Koreans always bow to each other or at least nod (Even if it’s just two friends meeting!) while saying hello. It doesn’t matter if you know the other person or not. It is necessary to give respect to others.

Lithuanians usually call each other by their first names. On the other hand, Koreans have certain words to call other people. For example, for a word ‘brother’ people say either ‘Hyung’ or ‘Oppa’. Koreans never call their parents by names. It is really impolite.

So, in conclusion, both countries aren’t really similar yet. But there are some things they’re already sharing. I think it’s quite possible that those two countries are going to be even more similar in a while.

Comprehension check:

  1. Do Koreans call their parents by their names?
  2. Does Korea have European shops in their country?
  3. Why do Koreans bow to each other?
  4. Do Koreans bow to strangers? Why?
  5. What does ‘Hyung’ mean?
  6. Why do Koreans love Lithuania?
  7. Are boy and girl bands more popular than solo artists in Korea?
  8. Are both countries getting similar?
  9. When did the only Korean restaurant open in Lithuania?
  10. How many Mongolian restaurants are there in Lithuania?

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