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UK vs USA. By Kotryna Liutkutė 8C

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Most of people don’t know any differences and similarities between England and America. Some people even think that UK and USA is the same country!

Here’s the list of similarities and differences between these countries. Correspondingly, UK and USA have various of music genres, and most of this countries popular music and songs  are known in all over the world. Compared to this fact, we know that UK and USA speaks the same language. This is why most of popular songs are English, because:  1) We can understand words 2) This music is just for fun. However, UK and USA has some differences. Even though, UK  is a strong country, but USA’s economy is one of the best in the world. Economy shows how powerful and populated the country is. Conversely, UK’s population is about 40 million, while USA’s population is more 10 times bigger. It’s difficult to say, which country is better. Everyone wants to visit USA to see the White house, while other visits UK, because it’s cheaper, quicker and everyone wants to meet the queen and other family members.

Still , we‘re happy that these 2 countries are not identical. Traditions, music, clothes, religion and history is everything that makes these countries and their cities unique 😳 

Comprehension check:

  1. What is the capital of the USA?
  2. In which state of America is Buckingham Palace???
  3. Who is the president of UK?
  4. Is it cheaper to visit UK than USA, explain?
  5. How many people live in the US?
  6. Which similarity between these countries is the most important in your opinion?
  7. Do Americans speak the same language as British people, what’s the difference?
  8. Which country has a monarchy?
  9. Which country celebrates „Thanksgiving Day“?
  10. How people say the word cookie in England?

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  1. Linas 5a October 20, 2016

    wow but why do you write about these country

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