Animals. By Veronika Poškutė 6D

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Pandas are very cute animals. They look like bears, only with white and black color fur. They eat bamboos and drink water. Pandas live in China’s mountains.

Fennec foxes are foxes with big ears. Their paws have hair, so they better walk on hot sand. They eat eggs, insects, fruits, seeds, lizards and rodents. They live in North Africa and West Asia.

Koalas are marsupial animals. They live in Australia. They  are usually on eucalyptus trees and they eat tree leaves for four hours every day, for the rest of their time – they sleep. Sometimes they go down to the ground to climb onto another tree or simply to eat something from the ground. 

Tigers are like cats but bigger and more hungry. 😯 There are white and orange tigers. We all know that tigers eat meat. There are 8 kinds of tigers in the world, but three kinds of tigers don’t exist anymore. 🙁 

Rhinos have two (or sometimes only one) horns, their “feet” have three “toes”. The oldest rhino (lived in Eocene’s period) was small like a dog, however the ones we have now are very big. There are 5 kinds of rhinos in the world. They all are in the red book, because they are nearly extinct.

My favourite animals are pandas and Fennec foxes. What animals do you like? Comment!  😉



40 thoughts on “Animals. By Veronika Poškutė 6D

  1. I think this article deserves endless likes because of the cuteness! The most cuddliest animal in my opinion was panda! It’s really kawai ???? and i bet you’d feel relaxed hugging that huge panda! Ahh i would do anything to meet it ????

  2. In my opinion pandas are the cutest animals in the world. I like this article and I am interested in it because it is very informative! I like it so much.

  3. I like your article very much! I think koalas are very interesting animals. And tigers too. They are beautiful but dangerous. And I think rhinos are very strange :).

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