The Animal Shelter „Tautmilės globa“. By Liepa 6C

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The animal shelter was established in 2012. Later for its work they got “The biggest heart of the year” award. The owner of the shelter is famous among animal lovers.

The shelter is mostly ketvirtukas-du-1taking care of sick animals especially the little ones. Most of the little animals who don’t suniuku-serimasget vaccinated die. Most of the animal shelters don’t have a chance to take care of the sick ones, because the other animals might get sick too. That’s exactly whereTautmilės Globa“ is trying to help. We try to cure the sick ones and find a new home for them.

Most of the time there arent that many people who are helping. So if you have time, mainly from 6 pm, you are welcome to come and help!

Things yoketvirtukasu will be able to do:

  • Walk the dogs
  • Take photos of animals for other people to post online

You can find the animal shelter at Rasų street 39, Vilnius

These are the best ones I picked 🙄 .

You might be wonderinketvirtukas-du-1g why I am connected to the animal shelter and why I am helping. Well, first of all I’m helping because I’m one of those people who don’t want to live in this cruel world and do nothing but complain about it. So I’m helping with dog walking and stuff, but my main work is with the cats. I have to write about them online and not to forget how I named the post, because some people search for cats this way…

If you want to find out more about the shelter visit this site:

12 thoughts on “The Animal Shelter „Tautmilės globa“. By Liepa 6C

  1. the poor animals really need help and this job helps them very much. it a realty cool and nice job. 🙂 and this can be the part-time job too. i think that animal lovers really contribute 😀

  2. These small puppies are so cute,and everyone should help to animals,this job is very popular in the world,and if you want a pet thats a great experience.

  3. These small puppies are so cute. But they need a lot of care and love. So, for volunteer it can be par time job. He does not need qualification or skills, to finish degree or other. It can be like ambition.

  4. I think we should help them, because they have worse health than us and they are cute????. At this job, you almost(40%)don’t need any skill, unless to be patient????. And yes, it’s not just a good activity, but to help animals is feeling good too????.

  5. I think we should help these animals. They’re cute and maybe you can find one for yourself????. And i think it’s a good after school activity.

  6. Yes, we should help those animals, because they are so cute and nice. I think it is fun to walk with them and give them some food or drink. Such a NICE JOB for volunteers!!! 😉

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