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The Black Cat HALLOWEEN EDITION. By Lėja Tubinytė 6C

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Finally it’s Halloween! Favorite day of the year. Not because I have to wear silly costumes and go around getting free candy which you can buy. Not like Willy Wonka’s dad, my mom lets me eat them. If I dress up as someone I can get out of the house  WITH MOMS PERMISSION! And if you ask about Amy I have some news… Yesterday I found a letter that says she will come back soon so I don‘t stay sad. And now i am scared if I won‘t have time to visit all the houses around (If I find 1.. not an old creepy one).

It‘s almost 9:00 am and mom still asleep. So I bet I could eat my serial with chocolate spiders and my scary strawberry milk. Best way to start my day would be getting dressed up as a vampire. Yes, I couldn‘t find anything better I’m sorry I’ll try harder next year I promise.

Mum woke up at 11:42 am and finally remembered her premise to let me go trick or treating.

„Hun, what’s that you are wearing?“

„Mom… It‘s Halloween today… ”

„Oh yea.. OK so still why are you wearing that?“

„For trick or treating“

„You are too old now help me put out the decorations..“

„Buut… You promised me!”

„No buts, now go clean the house“

I went crying to my room. Then I saw a strange girl looking at my items. She then opened her mouth and stopped.. AS IF she was trying to tell me something.

„Hi, you must be my owner“?

I had no clue what’s going on be continued…


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  1. Medeina October 20, 2016

    I liked this article it was fun

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