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The Black Cat Part IV. The Story by Lėja Tubinytė 6C

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I was shocked and surprised I just wanted to run away… Be like other kids. Go to school. But right now all I get is a freaky man staring at me and an old shiny necklace in my pocket. By the time he was staring at me Amy ran right through my room and stopped. Finally she stopped… The man looked at Amy and started screaming. Gladly I moved backwards as I knew something was going to happen. The cat walked towards the man slowly, while he was still in panic.

Amy touched his leg and he stopped, turned around three times and started struggling. A light crossed his body. I looked at my cat and started screaming because I thought I’m insane. A few seconds later that man I saw with my own eyes, MY EYES disappeared as if he wasn’t here. Then Amy looked at the sky and ran to where ever her paws takes her. I couldn’t say a word.

Days were running as if they were leaves escaping their home tree. The clouds were pure and free flying trough the sky.

I couldn’t forget about the man so I started drawing him. But all I could draw was Amy. Amy in my notebook, Amy in my dreams, Amy in my diary… was I insane? I didn’t know.

Amy wasn’t going to show up any time soon, but I needed to speak to her. I feel like she knows more than the owner of this house. I didn’t even wanted to talk to my mom. She would have sent me to the doctor so they could check my brain.

‘Brain are you there?’


That’s what I expected to happen. Anyway… I don’t feel safe. No one would. Someone can come in at any second.

The clouds started losing control. The leaves were flying around insanely. Wind must have done this. Clouds were dark and mad. The weather wasn’t good at all.

And I feel like one big mad cloud. And because of Amy I will be alone again.

Scared and cold I have to close my eyes in a dark room full of dust. I hope I don’t have a bad dream again…


‘Amy? Is that you? I really miss you, please come back!’


I woke up having a bad dream again. But this time. Amy…

To be continued…

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