7 thoughts on “Cold Soup. By Jokūbas 7C

  1. I think this recipe is perfect for a hot day ???? i’m definetely going to try this recipe ???? it sounds really tasty. And it looks very colorful and pretty ????

  2. I think this is a great recipe!! It sounds really tasty!! I really like soups ???????? and I think it would be very good and refreshing on a hot summer day ????????❤

  3. I think cold soup is very delicious in the hot time of the year because it’s very refreshing and easy to make. Personally i don’t like the cold soup but i’m sure i will give it another chanse in the future.

  4. Deivid Boguslavskij 7c December 18, 2016 at 2:52 PM - Reply

    This dish is really delicious. I found all the products at home and made this dish within 10 minutes. Usually our family makes cold soup in summer, because only then you can enjoy something cold.

  5. I think this information about the cold soup dish is useful, because:
    1.It is very tasty
    2.Very easy to make
    3.You can find all the products at home

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