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Grinch (Upside down). By Lėja Tubinytė 6c

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Hopefully you will all enjoy! Before we start don’t wait and grab yourself a Christmas spirit and lets go! <3

Grinch was the happiest person in town. He knew Christmas was coming! But only he had the Christmas spirit :

All the people in town were grumpy and angry. They didn’t want Christmas. All they wanted was to be alone in their caves somewhere far away from town. No one wanted know or talk about the Christmas spirit. Everyone thought that it’s bad luck.

Although as I said… there was Grinch. All alone in the town. He knew he could make everyone like or even love Christmas! It wasn’t as easy as we all might think. Imagine building a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the town ALONE! Yes it must have been hard for him.

– The most beautiful night of the Christmas is almost here.- He smiled as he said those words. – Its sad that they don’t treasure it.

Grinch finger was pointing at the caves. He sat alone in the middle of the snow with eyes full of sparkles.

– Santa, I know you hear me. Remember when I said I wanted a pony? Actually I changed my mind… all I want for Christmas is for them to understand what it’s like. Feel the spirit.

He closed his eyes believing that the gift would come.

– I better go sleep. Tomorrow my dream will hopefully come true.


Grinch woke up. He was sad. After all he has to spend Christmas alone… or is he? Grinch looked out of the window and what he saw was just the biggest miracle! People that lived in this town were here! Here in the snow!

– Thank you, Santa.

He ran out and enjoyed his Christmas with everyone else for the first and the best time…

The End..

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  1. Medeina December 15, 2016

    This story was very interesting. I think it was a very good idea to write that story upside down! I liked your story very much and I enjoyed reading it. You are an amazing writer, Lėja! Fantastic writer!!!

  2. Donala December 15, 2016

    Your story is very interesring. You are very good writer. GRINCH UPSIDE DOWN is a fantastic idea. It is very good Christmas srory! Don’t stop to write stories!!!

  3. Nedute December 15, 2016

    I think that story was great. this was so interesting to read, because I didn’t ever read a story like this and outside was snowing so I though it’s already Christmas here…

  4. Vėjūnė December 14, 2016

    I like this article very much, because it is very a good idea to write Grinch’s Christmas story upside down. I am very interested in it. You are a very good and creative writer, Lėja. Please write a new story again.

  5. Urte December 13, 2016

    I like your history because it is very interesting and a bit sad… In my opinion this story is the best of all Christmas stories! The best part of the story is the end when Grinch becomes happy! 🙂

  6. Matas D 6c December 13, 2016

    I really liked this article because its up side down I really enjoyed reading it. I’m lost for words. It was interesting, it was good, I liked it :))

  7. Julius the potatoman December 13, 2016

    This is a good story. The only thing to add is..that this story could be a bit expanded. I think that would be great.

  8. Gustas Banana December 13, 2016

    This story was very heartwarming , especially at the end. I love stories which end with a happy ending.It was also very interesting to read how the Grinch would make the people care about Christmas.

  9. Mikalojus Plikusas December 13, 2016

    this story was boring for me so next time make a little bit more interesting 🙂

  10. Miglė December 13, 2016

    That is a really a nice story! You are a great writer Leja!
    It was very interesting to read that story in another way.
    I like both versions of the story, because both of them ends well.
    This story is the Christmas spirit!

  11. Ugnė December 13, 2016

    i think this story is a little bit sad because Grinch was alone and everyone hate Christmas except Grinch. But everything ends happy and Grinch celebrates Christmas with all town.

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