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Kids – Don’t Smoke. By Marek Tysevič

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  1. anon December 7, 2016

    These days eating food can be more harmful than smoking so what the hell why not i say choose your poison and live your life like you want 🙂

    • asdasd221 December 8, 2016

      Why u has to be mad? ;(

      • anon December 9, 2016

        im not mad article is good and informative but i dont agree with the wording of the title dont smoke m no thank you 🙂 it sound like an order dont smoke dont do drugs only buy the thing we sell you and do what we say and dont you dare think outside of the box be a good obedient little slave:)

    • The Wise One:D December 9, 2016

      agreed 😀 BUT before you do that, wait until you’re 18:p

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