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1 year`s worth of melancholic, sad and dark poetry (updated). By Martynas Jakucevičius LEU student

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We are happy to welcome a young artist into our poetry corner, enjoy 😉


When the Sun will release it`s final breath
And when the greed of men will awaken the dead
Land will favour the moon , in dept
The moon will open the tombs
Thus will begin the dance of death
And stars will weep and weep
Not a drop of life will land on earth
And when men and women will begin to die
The skies will open, releasing all the grief of the stars
Grief will flood the streets of greatest cities and castles
Sons and daughters of the Sun will align
Moon will drop from the skies
Leaving a barren wasteland in it`s wake
Lorded by those who have been doomed to rot in darkest tombs
A great battle will take place,
Death and man, will face each other with grace.

The Swords that cut deep

Draw your sword, young lord.
Draw me a bloody painting if you will
But is it the only way? To live with a burden
Such as this is just only an existence.
You – a shell of your former self.
So help me and yourself…
Draw your sword…


Blackness…Darkness… Void…
Heartache I cannot avoid
Where are you, my beloved?
Alone, again… Alone, I said!
I hover in darkness,
I have become rugged…
Where are you, my beloved?
In the arms of the other…
On other side of the world…
Or dead… I have said,
If you die… my love dies with you
Where are you, my beloved?
In the stars… In the dreams
I discovered you…
So, where are you, my beloved?
Loneliness, I love you…

The ethereal dream

My thoughts that make wrath manifest
Awakens the anger that hid, corrupted my soul
It manifests as fire in my dreams
It ends as buried bones of my being
My feelings that make sadness a reality
I dream and awake in an ocean
I would sink deeper if not for my devotion
It threatens to drown me
To surround me in pain
To take me to the endless abyss
To see the world through the thickest mist
My fears that makes me tremble and stutter
They define and refine me like a stone-cutter
I fear what I can and could do
I fear what I won`t and never do
Fear makes me re-think my plots
Makes me correct and connect the dots
I stand still, inactive
The fear of fears, fear of idleness
I awake from my ethereal dream
Trying to comprehend what is real
What is real or nonexistent?
What is true and what is just an illusion?
Define it and see that the world is full of delusions…

Wishes of a pariah

A lone man stands at the hill overlooking a metropolis of a city
He founds himself wanting, lacking of substance, a warm heart
A heart that is frozen at the moment, a moment that is lost in time
He remembers not the moment, but the feeling, the way that he felt
He felt the wind at his wings high above the clouds, his towns, cities
He believed and he had to pay for it, a payment of a warmth of a heart
A heart that is cold and dark, a stark contrast… A wish to have it all back…


Awake… awake, my child
Witness your own reflection in a mirror, exile
A plain sight for my eyes
A simple shell, people think it holds a simple mind
But how can such a mind be simple when you have the blackest heart?
No one welcomes you to any temple
You are unwelcome, that’s when your self-exile began
You ran... and ran... and ran...
Like you, your purpose, your mission is hiding, observing
Searching for something, an apparatus, a place that is lost in time?
You bury yourself in the ground, you find no purpose
So much time wasted, so much was lost for this demented mission
Only the end awaits you, a wise madman, searching for the purpose
Of the cycle of life, but only found the void of life
Void so dark and so deep, you could lose your light in it
The void of ones heart, the void that fills your being...


I turn my head skyward
Ominous atmosphere in my mind
s sphere

My mind is nothing compared to the celestial sphere
Above all of our heads, thousands of Gods that lay in the stars
Unreachable dark and void heavens, my minds nightly sessions
Stars whispered that dark and light emissions are mostly based in heavens
That Gods bred among themselves that's
how humanity was born

Children of the Gods, the first disciples began to mix and interbreed
Worship of Forefathers started, we began to create mighty monuments
Of bone, of stone, of gold for Gods sat on thrones


Where is the happiness that I was promised?
Where is that world full of magic and good?
Where is the future that should be filled with fleeting memories?
Where is the god that I was told to worship?
Where is that purpose of life that I should find?
Where is that paradise where people full of virtue travel to?
Where is that hell where villains face eternal torture?
Where is the love that few can fathom?
Where is that life which my mother gave birth to?
Where is the end in which we all have to hug the hooded figure?
“In you, my friend, in you.” A voice whispers from within…

Within me

Lurking, trying to escape lies a force
Strong force, that only I can see
Shame and need to placate the masses
I am an animal, emotional cannibal
Feeling alone inside, integrating
Piece by piece each day I paint my inner self in gray
What to do? How can I escape the loneliness inside?
How to escape without losing my inner self, without corrupting my consciousness?
I am losing…

Who are you?

Who are you?
A being of inner darkness.
Who are you?
A being of outer light.
Who are you?
I am you and you are me.
Who are you?
The one that is asleep.
Who are you?
The one that is waking.
Who are you?
I am the beginning of the end.


Lone man stands at the base of a mount of bones,
Face is hooded as well as thoughts…
Thoughts about future troubles his mind…
“Everybody dies. Babe becomes a teen, teen becomes an adult,
Adult a senile old man… After that… After that comes dust and bones…
But dust and bones is not the end but a beginning… A beginning of a new life…” Voices sing and sing that same old song.
Thoughts die and reborn again in an unending cycle…
He speaks: “Life or death? Think about life after death…”
And as ages pass, old bones turn to dust and ash…
New bones litter the grounds…

Life`s Death

What is life without death?
Would it hold meaning or we would be blind to see reason?
Death, body decomposion, new life…
Men are mortal gods
Time is an enemy
Mortal. Mortal! We all are mortal!
And death, that beautiful death, will take us all…
We are born to die… No option to rewind…

Unknown reaper

Where are you?
I am looking for that which I do not know.

Where are you?
Castles fall, glass shatters, stone floor crumbles.

Where are you?
Guards die, skeletal remains.

Where are you?
Flowers bloom, doom.

Where are you?
Scythe swings and swings.

Where are you?
Hooded you come, skeletal hands are still.

Where are you?
There you are. Scythe swings, my life ends.

I become one with all…


I am so sinister
Blood on my hands flowing endlessly

Unexpected visitor
Is leaving “Wait for me.”

Swallowed by darkness
No light, no candles.

I see nothing for I am nothing
I come from nothing and I will become nothing

I am what you were and I will be what you become
Soon… Wait for me… Soon…

The Dead May Speak

I hear them – whispering
When I creep in a graveyard.
Grey tombstones, old and new
Stand a forest. Walking through
A narrow road, graves unearthed in my mind
A sorrowful soul, no heart found kind
The graves of mine, I want you to speak
Speak to me, speak and I will listen
No one lights the candles no more.
A bag of candles and a shovel in my hands
Need to dig more, more graves, for more dead
More dead need more graves
Some dead need to be unearthed, remembered
Dig…. Dig…. Dig…. A gravedigger…
Troubled mind grows…


Broken pen…
Broken spirit…
Den of sorrows…
Still living in it…
Slowly I am creeping…
Creeping in a graveyard…
No reason to stay…
My glance is empty…
Share a dance with me…
Dead pretenders…
But I turn into a pretender…
Cold winds…
Broken pens…
Broken spirits…
Closest people don`t even know me…
Stone me… Cut me…
Sins of a lost man…
I recite the words…
My own words uttered long ago…
So… So… So low…
Low of me…
Days go by…
Nothing changes…
A sad lullaby…

Monologue of Dust

Wandering within self
Dark moon shines
Endless halls, labyrinths
Undressed to the bone
Smoke a seldom cigarette

Rope in a hand
Kill yourself, that`s some help
Ghosts from a backyard are dancing
Waiting for the merchant
The merchant of death

Starless skies watch over me
Over for me, look and you will see
Witness it, sickness this
A puzzle of words
Thousand swords

Of thousand lords
Skeletal thoughts
Are smashed, need but one rock
This plane of existence
Withering the life of me

A machine is constructed
Pain of love
Pain of god
Rot inside
Drinking cyanide

Mixing with emerald absinthe
Before or since
It does not matter
A body with a black robe
Still exists in this cesspit

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  1. Cheesy October 5, 2017

    Strong.. I wish you inspiration. Continue this.. It’s moving ☯️

  2. Martynas January 14, 2017

    I am glad you liked it. You can check out more on this website.

  3. Martynas January 14, 2017

    I would say, that I inspire myself. I write what I feel. No matter how surreal or fantastical it may seem. But that is not all. Environment and the situations around me: lost frendships, tragedies or just the grim darkness of this world that we live in. Ofcourse, not everything is bad or dark. I don’t know about anybody else, but for me, those good moments are too few and far in between.

  4. Interested January 10, 2017

    Who or what inspires you most?

  5. Reader January 10, 2017

    Strong..moving. Dark but real, I like it, thanks for this


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