Impressions from Sweden. By Laimutė Šakočiūtė

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Last year in autumn I was in Sweden with school bus. On the 3rd of November we went by bus to Tallinn. We drove about 7 hours. On the bus we watched films, listened to music…

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7 thoughts on “Impressions from Sweden. By Laimutė Šakočiūtė

  1. oh, your article was very good. These photos are of very good quality, nice and interesting. I have never been to Tallinn or Stockholm, but I was in Ryga, Tartu, Zakopane, Krakow, Warsaw and… I think those are all towns where I have been so far. I leave a like, cause it’s great!

  2. I think that it was very nice trip. I would like to go to Sweden, and to visit there most populer museums.Also I want to have a trip on the ship. 🙂

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