Vienožinskio Art School. By Ignas Naruševičius 8c


Justino Vienožinskio art school is located in Konarskio street 37. You can learn a lot about art and get drawing experience. Usually you have to stay and learn in that school for four years. There are lessons like painting, drawing, sculpture, art history, etc. At the end of fourth trimester we have the last work to do – The diploma work. After that school gives a diploma and the work is finished! It’s possible to attend the art school for more years if art is very special in your life and you want to link it to your future.

The history lesson

We call it the most boring lesson in the school because sitting for two hours in one place and listening to that history simply has no motion. Well sometimes our teacher shows us the modern art or something more interesting than primitive creations. At the end of the lesson teacher gives us test papers. Two weeks later we get our ratings, and thanks to God we only have two lessons a month 😈 . But I still think I can use the history in my future life.

Sculpture lesson

One of the most interesting lessons is the sculpture. The only bad thing is sculpture teacher because he’s very serious and no fun at all. So you would ask „Why do I think it’s the most interesting lesson?“. I like it because sometimes we just need to use our imagination to create something let’s say a sculpture. And usually teacher places ,for example, a scull model and gives us some clay. Then we just need to create a same sized skull, and that’s it.

Painting lesson

We usually paint Natiurmorts (Random junk like old radios or useless stuff). The hardest thing is the shape of the stuff and the shadows. They should look exactly like they are. And after all that hard work we also get dirty! So we need to clean everything, that’s why I don’t like painting that much.

Graphics lesson

This lesson requires thoroughness because cutting on the metal plates with a needle isn’t very easy. We make thousands of scratches just to fill up the background. Then we use poison and chemicals that make the plates shiny. After using those liquids we put the plates under the press and get a stamp. It’s hard work but you get a beautiful creation.

Summer practice

The thing I hate the most. Who the hell wants to attend the art school during summer???!!! Having only one week per summer but its so annoying! We have to sit near well known objects in the old town and paint or draw them, while the sun is shining and all we really want is to go swimming and relax. But there are good sides: you can meet friends and talk about something with them or just skip the lesson whenever you want. 🙄