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5 Ways How to Make Your Presentation Better. By Vaida Rašimaitė

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At least one time in your life you had to make a presentation. But was your presentation successful? From my own experience I can clearly say the first time for almost all students is unlucky. So, to prevent the mistake which is usually made by students I want to share five tips which help me make a good presentation.

Firstly, you need to prepare for it carefully. It is not enough to give one hour or two for the preparation. You need to take more than half a day. To check it very attentively three, four or even five times to avoid mistakes of grammar, spelling and even to check pronunciation of the words unknown for you.

Secondly, know your audience.You need to make sure you know who you will be presenting to. If you do not know who your audience is you cannot explain your topic the best.

What is more, you need to have clear points.Try to prepare not too many points to talk and find as much information as you need.When you are presenting in front of people you usually feel stressed and get nervous, so you might not have enough time to develop all the points you had prepared.

Fourthly, do not depend on visuals too much.Try to use power point only to show some pictures or the most important things you are talking about. Do not write too much text as it will help you to prevent reading the material from the slides, which is considered to be a sigh of insufficient preparation

And last but not least, you need to have honest feedback.Try to record yourself and listen to how your voice sounds or see what you do too often, e.g. maybe you do useless movements with your hands, and try to avoid them. Also, ask your sisters, brothers or maybe even parents to listen to your presentation and ask what they think about it.

To sum up, you just need to develop your topic, know your public, deliver the points clearly, not rely on with visuals too much and try to believe in yourself. I hope these five tips will help you to make the best presentation ever 😉

Do you have any tips?

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