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A Review of Middle School: the Worst Years of My Life. By Tomas 7B

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About a couple of days ago I watched: ‘Middle School: the Worst Years of My Life’ on my computer. It’s an animated comedy. The movie stars are Griffin Cluck aka (Rafe Khatchadorian) and Thomas Barbusca aka (Leo).

It’s a story about two brothers – Rafe and Leo (Leo is dead but Rafe imagines him as his best friend). Rafe has a notebook in which he draws everything that he imagines. Rafe was kicked out of couple of school’s due to his bad behavior and was told that if he gets kicked out of one more school he will never be able to go to any other public school. When he came to the new school he noticed that it was very strict (which didn’t really matter at the time) but as time goes by things start to get worse. He makes a huge mistake by drawing in his notebook when he really should have not been. The principle sees that he is drawing ant takes away his notebook and throws it into acid! And as Rafe being Rafe, he decides to break every single rule in the school. And so the journey BEGAN!

The characters of Rafe and Leo are interesting because if they have a goal they will achieve it at any cost. Also Rafe doesn’t have any problems making new friends.

In my opinion this is a gripping movie although it’s a comedy. The special effects are absolutely sensational. However, the best thing is acting. Overall it’s a very enjoyable movie.

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