Case, my best buddy. By Arvydas Bielinskij 8D

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He was born in July. Now he is three months old .
Weighs ten kilograms. Puppy was born in a family of four.
His parents are champions won the first place .
Case mother is from Italy. Case is noble .

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2 thoughts on “Case, my best buddy. By Arvydas Bielinskij 8D

  1. Yep:D they sure snore:D and they make other noises if you know what I mean:D:d plus you need to bathe them after the walks outside because they like running on the grass and they are not tall so they get all muddy, but it’s fun having an animal you can look after, isn’t it?

  2. Great dog so cute! But I’ve heard they snore is that true? I’d like to have one like this, how big can they grow? I mean how much could they weigh when the adulthood is reached?:)

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