The Deep Web. By Vilius Rožanskas 7B

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Internet is a very good thing-you can share your important moments online, communicate with your relatives who live or work in another country, watch some interesting movies…But there‘s a dark side of a web and it‘s called–The Deep Web 😈

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One thought on “The Deep Web. By Vilius Rožanskas 7B

  1. u need to do more research on what deep web actually is for the future, because u confuse deep web with dark web and most of the internet users visit deep web every day so saying it’s unsafe or illegal is just wrong. For example your phone photo cloud’s backup is considered to be part of the deep web because it’s not accessible to general public or any website which is not registered on any search engine, so it becomes part of the dark web simply because u cant find it on google:) But this doesn’t imply it is something illegal or wrong. Someone was probably lazy enough not to register it or simply had no need for it. Logic

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