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A review of Carrie by Julija Viginda Minauskaitė

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Some time ago, I watched Carrie on my computer. It is a supernatural horror film. It was written by Stephen King. The film stars are Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore.

It is the story about one shy teenage girl named Carrie White. At home Carrie is emotionally and physically abused by her very religious mother, Margaret White. Her mother forces her to pray everyday for her sins or life. Carrie is bullied at school by every student. One day her first menstruation cycle started in the girls shower. All of her classmates started laughing at her and started throwing tampons. When Carrie realized she was bleeding she had no clue what was going on. Shortly after that, Carrie discovered that she has telekinesis. She used her ability to stop her mother‘s abuse and bullying. Then the popular girl Sue felt bad for her and asked her boyfriend to ask Carrie for prom. Carrie agrees, but her bully Chris and her boyfriend Bill has an evil prank with her friends to seek revenge for Carrie with tragic results.

I really liked the story, because it was a horror film, although it was a little bit romantic. However the best thing was acting, it was excellent. I particularly liked Chloë Grace Moretz, who played Carrie White.

In my opinion, this is a spectacular and gripping film, although it was a bit violent. Overall, it was great! I recommend watching it 😉

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