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F-R-E-E-D-O-M. By Augustė Stravinskaitė

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Freedom is human being’s opportunity to behave and act at his or her own discretion. The notion of these several words does not describe my freedom, but my freedom is not like yours and your freedom is not like any others.

A street musician, a bakery on the corner, a dancing girl, a humming person. They all are connected by … Freedom? To be free – means not to think, not to contemplate, but simply feel. Maybe a person gives up freedom for the life where it seems necessary, I mean he sacrifices. Sometimes individuals think and act one way or another, because life is like a movie in which they are the main actors. By taking care of household chores they forget the main act where freedom is required, freedom of the mind. Freedom is a sense in which you have to forget yourself. However it is impossible to forget oneself completely, this is why a person sees freedom as only a capricious cloud of illusion which has many conditions, but at the same time there are no conditions but the ones the person creates for oneself. So Why is a human being so helpless and why doesn’t he realize that he is giving up freedom.. getting lost in the reality of a routine.

To me, freedom is like fine china which is difficult to preserve, life’s rhythm may get crazy. If it is so difficult to have and preserve, do we really need it? The answer is YES!

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