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Freedom. By Deimantė Mačiulytė

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Freedom is that little thing that you can not see, but it is always there. Without it, you couldn’t do lots of things. Like express your opinion out loud, or go to the places that you like. Your actions would be limited. As a teenager I don’t think that freedom is so important, but when I think deeper, it is important. At school teachers say that we need to respect our country, be proud of it. Because our country became free not so long ago and that we haven’t experienced the things that older people have. Many people died for Lithuania’s freedom. But they did what they wanted to do, they made a choice. People wanted to live in a free country. They sacrificed their lives for others to have freedom. Unfortunately they didn’t get the chance to live in the country that they wanted to live in. However, because of them we are free now. We can do whatever we want to. We can say whatever we want. We can even think the way we think is best to think. Because when the country you live in isn’t free, bad people won’t let you think for yourself, they will rob you of the opportunity to be free. They will make sure that you think the way they want you to think. In conclusion, I believe, everyone should be happy and appreciate the freedom that we got to have.

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