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Freedom. By Karolina Čereškevičiūtė

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Freedom. This word tells nothing to us compared to what the meaning says. Many people may think, well, freedom is just that what other allows you to do free and no one controls you. But this is only one way of understanding the word “freedom”. This is an external – physical freedom.

Lithuania was in USSR’s structure once, but now it is free. This is another example of external freedom. But do you know what the inner freedom is? This form of freedom is much more serious than the latter one. It has a much deeper significance. Not everyone can perceive what it actually is. I can tell you what I think about it. Of course, as many people, as many opinions, so everyone sees the same thing with different eyes, different colors, and understands it absolutely differently. I think the inner freedom is not just a simple external freedom, when you feel free physically. The inner freedom is when your minds are free. It’s how you feel it in your heart. No vainly it’s called inner. It’s called inner because you need to experience feeling it with your inside. It’s when you don’t feel chained inside, but you’re just simply happy. But to feel the inner freedom you need to know how to do it. Maybe we believe that we are free, but our mind and our heart doesn’t feel it. But how to know if you are feeling the true taste of freedom? Maybe it’s just another, deceptive and really similar feeling.

Deeply in my heart I feel, that freedom makes us feel freely, it liberates us from our all sins, evil thoughts, and you’re just about to forget everything. Yes…. Everything. That’s what I think freedom really is!

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  1. Jonė April 24, 2017

    A very honest essay, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I especially liked the last paragraph:) thumbs up

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