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Can we buy freedom? By Lėja Ananjevaitė

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To me, freedom is something you can’t buy for money but also can’t get for free. Freedom is something that you need to deserve and fight for.

The thing I’m very proud of is the freedom of our country. To me it’s very important because now we can do way more than before when we were not an independent country. For example now we can say whatever we want, speak our native language, have our own laws and much more. Most people don’t even bother thinking about the cost of freedom. I think it’s because we haven’t fought for something so valuable and important not only for us as individuals, but also for the entire country, as a nation. I think a younger generation should be more familiar with the history of our freedom, since we have national holidays that celebrate freedom of Lithuania. But sometimes I feel like we should teach kids more about it because every Lithuanian should know the history behind those holidays too. Maybe we should teach about it more because it’s something we should be proud and not ashamed of, the struggle of our nation for freedom is impressive and worth remembering. I personally was very interested when I first heard about the holidays that celebrate freedom of my country, in fact, I started asking my family to tell me more stories about how they fought for freedom. But it is just my personal experience. I hope future generations will remember and appreciate the cost that our ancestors had to pay so we can live like we do now!

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  1. Simona January 14, 2018

    I think we all are happy and thankful because we are free! We can speak our native language, we can travel abroad, we can express our opinion.

  2. Rusne January 13, 2018

    This story about freedom is very interesting, beautiful, but I want more facts.

  3. Eminas January 12, 2018

    Very detailed text it is comprehensive and instructive

  4. Svajune March 12, 2017

    True. Freedom isn’t sth you can buy. It’s sth that you earn and learn how to operate it. True freedom comes in time.. one may be born free and not know what to do with it nor value it unitl it’s taken.. let’s think about our actions and take our choices more seriously. Let’s share the freedom and learn from the mistakes of past generations.

  5. Ramunas March 12, 2017

    Congratulations all! 03 11! And thank you for the opportunity to choose the life as we know it.

  6. Aurelija March 12, 2017

    Great essay, I believe, it reflects perfectly what we all feel deep in our hearts.. that freedom is not only one person’s freedom, true freedom is when all around you feel it. To live in an independent country and to be able to make your own choices is a true gift. A gift, we got from others, so we should value it and protect what’s ours now.


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