Freedom. By Ugnė Urbonaitė

Freedom for me is when I can say and think what I want. Also I can say my opinion for other people and they accept it. Freedom is when I can visit other countries, go in clubs. When I can learn new languages. When I can spend time with friends where we want. When I can visit exhibitions by authors from other countries, fairs, museums. When I can celebrate celebrations with my family. When I can be myself and don‘t be constrained. When I can watch movies at the cinema and at home. When I can listen to different music by different singers and composers.

But it is not easy to be free. Freedom brings responsibility. Brave Lithuanians fought for their freedom many times in history. Some of people do not value freedom, but Lithuanians are patriots, because they know price of freedom. And if someone asks them „Will you fight for freedom again?“, they of course answer „YES!!!“. And I will fight for freedom too.