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Freedom is really cool. By Veronika Poškutė

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Freedom for me…

Freedom is really cool. That feeling when you can do everything you want, is so nice, of course you shouldn’t break the law 😉

I think that almost everyone is able to feel free at home. I like that feeling too. But then again, I think: “What about nature?” Perhaps, I feel free there the most. Imagine that you are in nature together with your family and with pets that you love. Or for example when you are in the forest, you can talk to trees, animals, birds, insects and other creatures… See the sky above you, it’s such a wonderful feeling.

I believe, mother nature has the ability to make a person feel really free. Sometimes I picture the old times, when everybody loved nature and people were united with it. I am not saying that nobody loves nature nowadays, of course there are people who feel close to nature, but at the same time, I believe the bond has become is not as it used to be.

In nature we can feel like fishes in water, like birds in sky, like apples on trees, like bees in flowers, like bears eating honey…Do you know what I mean?

At home we also feel free, doing what we want. At home I can be myself (of course in nature as well). I like being at home, but I can‘t stay there for very long, I feel the need to go outside and breathe in some fresh air into my lungs, feel the wind on my face.. That’s freedom for me.

I love being free at home and in the nature. What about you?

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  1. Justas March 19, 2017

    Nature is amazing place and we need to love it. Also people shouldn’t litter everywhere they should recycle MORE because litter makes it difficult for animals to live free.
    Nice essay!

  2. ramune tunes March 15, 2017

    Nature is peaceful, sometimes we hurt our planet and hide ourselves in our homes. But let’s not forget that our home, first of all IS nature. Without it we couldn’t survive. Thanks for a positive essay, being free is cool!

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