How can we make others feel freedom again? By Gintarė Butkytė

Every day, thousands of people are complaining about life or even taking it away. Usually, it is considered as a lack of attention or rebellion. But what’s the real reason for it?

Firstly, what is freedom? It’s the right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Others can’t make decisions for that person, they can’t control the way one chooses to exist, to live. We must admit, sometimes we are pathetic and it’s starting to get to that point where we don’t care about others at all. We’re too busy thinking about ourselves. But if we only take care of ourselves, what’s the problem? Everything should be alright – we’re focusing on our own business and others are focusing on theirs. The main reason why, is that by only thinking about ourselves, we often take others’ freedom away and that’s the main reason why society is sinking lower and lower every day.

Freedom is most likely to get mistaken or unmentioned at all. Why? Because it’s hard to fully understand and appreciate it. So, instead of thinking a little bit more, our society always avoids this question and hopes that everything will just be alright at the end, that we don’t really need freedom to be happy. But can we really be happy when that happiness isn’t exactly ours, when it’s stolen? That’s right, no. People aren’t made this way. They always act like they’re tough, like they don’t need anyone, but deep down, all of us still have that delicate side of ours which is trying to make other people feel worthy and wanted again.

That’s the main thing society needs to change. Start thinking about people who surround them. Open up their hearts and search for that good side that’s still there. Make others love every single little thing again and feel the freedom they’ve lost. With only helping each other, we can make everyone be able to live their lives to the fullest and actually enjoy it.