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Importance of freedom. By Julija Minauskaitė

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Freedom is extremely important to people all around the world, including myself. It is something we are gifted with, taken away with, or something we got and won. It’s like privilege not everyone has, but what everyone needs and wants. Freedom is very important for today’s world, but what exactly is freedom and what does it give to us?

Freedom itself is independence and a right to do anything you desire. It is like a tree forked into many branches, where each branch has its purpose, where each branch gives people a special right: right to travel around the world, right to choose whatever you want, right to speak widely, right to vote for what or who you want, right to stand up for what you believe in, right to fight for what is right…

Without freedom, we wouldn’t be able to make many choices, invent new things, express our opinions, emotions and do other incredible actions. Without freedom, we wouldn’t be able to be ourselves! Just think about this. The world would be miserable if we didn’t have full package of rights called freedom.

Freedom gives us many wonderful opportunities and with them, we can make world a better place to live in. For example, with the right to travel, you get the change to travel to various locations and help the environment, or with the freedom of speech, for example, you can stand up for people who don’t have as many rights and help them or even protect them from captivity etc.

In conclusion, having freedom we can be what we want to be. Freedom gives us plenty of wonderful opportunities and rights, and with them, we are the people who make changes and invent new things for the world to have better tomorrow. Freedom is powerful!

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