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Our Freedom By Gabija Gnėdikaitė

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Our Freedom

In earlier times freedom had a different meaning. Even in different situations freedom gets a different meaning. Freedom, like honor, justice changes very often and means something else. Freedom for a person- emotional freedom, physical freedom… we can make a lot of different kinds of freedom. Sometimes, we even don’t notice that we are free, we want different freedom. Animals and plants also want freedom. We see, how early in spring, small plants break pavement, to get free.

I also understand freedom differently. From small, everyday situations, like freedom to choose what to eat, to hundreds of years, countries, freedom always will be different. People, who haven’t experienced occupation, usually understand only physical freedom. However, freedom can cause a lot of problems, because there always will be people who don’t know what to do with freedom.

We can see it with Lithuania. United Lithuania was strong, but people who owned, used freedom unduly, so we lost it for a long time. But if people see that they lost their freedom, they will always try to get it back. We can see an example of this by two uprisings against Czar’s government.. Finally, we became free, but after some time, we again used freedom unduly.

We have to understand this and use freedom responsibly. We can’t lose any kind of freedom. If we lose personal freedom- we will lose state freedom. We have to save our freedom!

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