Project Health Questionnaire

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We are happy to share that there has been a heath survey conducted among the 5th graders in our school recently. The students have made a questionnaire, target group of correspondents (age 10-12). The results proved that most of the 5th graders lead healthy lifestyles. Would you like to take the health quiz?

14 thoughts on “Project Health Questionnaire

  1. Nojus is a healthy person. He doesn’t eat a lot of candies, prefer tomatoes,but he prefers board games to doing sport.

  2. I think Kajus is healthy.he eats fruit and plays basketball often.But the only thing Kajus is not realy healfy.Because he doesnt really eats vegetables.

  3. Ugne is healthy, because she eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. She eats meat too! Why she’s so strong? Here’s the answer: She sports and eats healthy products, that’s all… If you want to be strong like Ugne – you know what you need to do

  4. Emilė Michalovska 5D March 27, 2017 at 6:40 PM - Reply

    Gabriele is quite healthy, because she is asleep before 10 p.m., she likes dancing and swimming, she eats soup with pasta and she does sports 1-2 time a day.

  5. Gerda is healty because shes drinks water and eats vegetables. She is hardly ever eating MCdonalds and Gerda sleeps so muchh!!!!!!

  6. Rusnė is a healthy person because i think she is eating a lot of fruit and its healthy and she is going outside everyday i think thats good because you can have air and thats very good and shes some times playing basketball its good because she playing something but she never plays football.

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