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Sport Teaches us about Freedom and Independence. By Zamir Askarov

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Freedom and independence – these are the kind of things we can learn from sports. Nobody forces us to train, we do it absolutely freely. Those who play sports choose progress and self-improvement because freedom for them is a conscious necessity. I believe that sport gives us self-realization, opportunities and changes our personalities.

When I was little boy, I had a strong desire to play hockey. Although I loved hockey my level of desire went through ups and downs, and once in the hot summer months, I swapped my skates for basketball.

In hockey, like all professional sports, the annual salary structure is extremely top heavy and can vary dramatically. For example, the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) minimum annual salary is $500,000 , top paid talents rake in upwards of $15 million per year, it’s not hard to understand why so many people dream of becoming professional athletes. Sports industry is huge. Over the years it has turned into a multi billion-dollar business. Thousands and thousands of people work in the various fields of this exciting industry. Interesting fact, that every time you watch a football tournament, play tennis, attend a basketball game, listen to the sports on the TV or check out a sports-oriented Website, you are dealing with some branch of sports industry. It is significant to understand that all types of talent you may have can be used to take part in a sport or leisure activity. Sport cultivates endless spiritual freedom and physical strength of a person, and shapes values such as health, beauty and well-being of the individual, optimizing his life activity. The choice is yours and possibilities are endless.

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