3 Poems for Freedom

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My country Lithuania

I love my country,

I love my town,

I love the people

Around the world.

Our planet is big,

My country is small.

But I feel good,

And very strong.

I believe in our freedom,

We’ll always be free.

I believe in our freedom,

So I want it always to be.

I am proud of my country,

Of its heroes and stories.

I am proud of my country,

Which can not be destroyed.

By Vėjūnė Strazdaitė 6C

Sometimes people fall
and get back up again.
But what if you fall
and have no hand to hold
Lithuania is a very small country,
but we stayed very silent and strong.
Trying to fight with to be happy,
and hold each other really long.
For hours and days we waited,
waited patiently and with pain in our hearts.
Maybe nothing would of changed,
and we would still be locked in cages.
But people didn’t want to be caged,
they got up and fought back.
Back with kindness and waited,
some didn’t make it and now only sees black.
If not them we wouldn’t be here,
If not the bravery inside of us.
Because together we can do more,
and get out of the cages.
Friendship and kindness still lives inside of us,
some just don’t want to let it out.
But why do we lock our feelings in cages,
We all should just get them out!
We are like the same,
but so different too.
All i wanted to say…
You just always be YOU.
“The secret of happiness is freedom. And the secret of freedom is courage” – Thucy Dides
By Lėja Tubinytė

What is freedom?

Freedom is living – where is no war

She can be invited only by virtuous ones.

Only people thirsted for freedom,

Only people who love their homeland.

Freedom – it’s meaningful word;

Freedom – it means to have a choice;

Freedom – to be out of dependence;

Freedom – to live and die.

And it doesn’t matter is country free or not,

It doesn’t matter if you are prison there;

Don’t afraid if you lost your freedom –

Your heart is full of it.

If it is happened indeed – your life is locked,

Then only solidarity will store it back

Humans are like a freedom thirsty beast –

So each of as will fight for freedom endlessly.

We call for rising life

As kind of wildest animals

Despite of getting wrong for many times

will strive for freedom.

By Medeina

2 thoughts on “3 Poems for Freedom

  1. Very beautiful and interesting poem . Not everyone can create a beautiful poem about Lithuania. Really very hard work.


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