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Travel to Ukraine. By Benas 6c

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During winter holidays my family and I traveled to Ukraine. We went there by bus. We left from ”Forum palace” on February 15th at 2:30. From Vilnius to Bukovel we drove for about 20 hours.

Bukovel is a city in the eat of Ukraine near Romania. We crossed Poland. I wanted to get there faster. We arrived at the hotel at about 23:00. Then we got a late supper. I was very tired from trip. Next morning we ate a good breakfast. I went snowboarding and my family went skiing. We tried all tracks except some red and some black tracks. At 12:00 on track no. 12 about 300 Lithuanians sang our anthem and chanted Lietuva! Lietuva! Lietuva! We finished skiing at 16:30. We went back to the hotel and ate supper. My legs were very tired. Next day I went snowboarding on 1C, 1E and 5A tracks. In the evening we went to Bukovel city. On the last day I went snowboarding in 22C, 5K, 5B and 5A tracks. The landscape there was spectacular. I will never forget it. On Sunday we drove back home.

Near Ukrainian border we stood for 2 hours. We arrived in Vilnius at 22:00.I hope someday to get there again.

I love Bukovel 😳

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  1. Liepa MatvejevaitÄ— March 12, 2017

    Very interesting article! It sounds really fun there! The pictures are very nice as well! Hope i can go there someday as well.

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